“since you work in the fashion industry and are experienced in working with models, what do you think makes a good model?”

imo being a good model has nothing to do with their looks but rather how hard they work during a shoot, presents themselves on set and on the runway (for the sake of their career and their agency)! being able to communicate well with directors, stylists, photographers and an audience is extremely important for a model to stand out and succeed (i.e karlie kloss). with a bright personality and lots of dedication, you can usually tell when a model will be really fun to work with. 


 Backstage at Low Classic F/W 2014 


Chris Gelinas F/W 2014

“do you consider uniqlo a fast fashion brand?”

yes, just like zara, h&m, topshop etc. it’s just another big-name retail that wants to dominate the retail world. but i think they’re taking a different approach to the fast fashion production and trying to make it more of a ‘long life-lasting’ production, making garments out of wear-and-tear materials that are made to last for a long time season in and out while being affordable! even though it is under the fast fashion category and aims to provide for a big audience, i think the company uses an approach of apparel through technological development and tends to plan their production a year ahead without considering trends, so t’s seen as a more of an advancement into  ethical and necessity thinking. 

oh and as the director takizawa naoki states, “….because it’s coming from Japan,  of course it starts with function. uniqlo’s fundamental approach, shown in the lifewear collection, is to take something that is inconvenient and make it more convenient, easier, and more approachable.”


Universities across Japan are beginning to offer balanced breakfast options for only 100 yen ($0.98) to students so they can show students the importance of breakfast on their health and well-being.


Maria Borges for Twenty6 Magazine, May 2014


SNSD’s Jessica for W Magazine Korea, November 2012


Seon Hwang for Vogue Girl Korea, June 2014


ya girl just got a position working with dior pr


Krystal of f(x), concept picture for ‘Red Light’, July 2014

“why are you called jeou?”

and on the seventh day god had completed his work which he had done, and thus rested. but while blessing the seventh day and sanctifying it, he went “and on the seventh day, tumblr user chau will be given the username ‘jeou’ in the year 2011-12 and she will do great things with it, making it a household name.’ and bippity boppity boo you have the sun, the sea, the sky, all the animals, people, trees, food and tumblr user jeou


Senait Gidey for Under the Influence Issue #13

“Do you watch Game of Thrones cause I'm curious of what you think of the costumes ?”

I do sparingly and I think so highly of the costumes. The outfits, containing all the capes, feathers and corsets are very beautifully done and I think Michele Clapton has done a thorough job (from research to the production of the final garment). I’m so impressed by the impeccable detail on every single garment that every character wears, the embroidery is insanely well done and it truly makes life in the Westeros very desirable. 

I love how how the show is praised extensively in the industry since a lot of designers have mirrored a few looks (with minor changes imo) from characters and have turned a handful of costumes into wearable daily pieces. Very Mcqueen like and I really think that if he were still alive today, he’d probably have been asked to do something in regards with the show. I think even if one isn’t a fan of the show, one can really appreciate the effort and time that goes into the costumes.